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Therese C. Pfrimmer 


Association of

Deep Muscle Therapists

T.C.P.I.D.M.T.  Certification Requirements

 1.  The applicant has taken the Basic Pfrimmer Deep Muscle® Course, Pfrimmer Specific Course,  and the Advanced Pfrimmer Deep Muscle class (Level I and II) from an approved school which includes the Therese C. Pfrimmer International Association of Deep Muscle Therapist classes or classes from the Indiana Institute (Ruthann Hobbs).  

2.  The applicant must complete the application for certification and pay the required fees for use of facilities and instructors time to do the testing.

3.  Contact the certification coordinator or Contact Us on this website to set up a time for the written and practical testing.  One reschedule for the exams is allowed.

4.The applicant must include a check or money order, or cash of $300 with the application making the check or money order out to ASSTI, Inc. if certifying with Pfrimmer Institute of Indiana or to TCPIADMT if certifying with the Pfrimmer Association.

5.  The applicant must be a member of the TCPIADMT and maintain that membership throughout the certification period to be able to renew their certification.

6.  The applicant will be tested by two (2) Pfrimmer Instructors, one testing visually and the other on the table testing by feel of the PDMT.  

7.  If there is a question about the physical or mental status of the applicant, the TCPIADMT Board of Directors reserves the right and shall determine if the applicant is required to complete a practical test.  If so, the applicant will be tested by two (2) Pfrimmer instructors, one testing visually and the other on the table testing by feel of the PDMT.

8.  The person seeking certification must attend five (5) of the (10) Pfrimmer Reviews in the five (5) year period of their certification prior to recertification being granted.

All certifications and re-certifications must be done through a TCPIADMT approved facility, either the TCPIADMT or Pfrimmer Institute of Indiana.  At this time, the only approved facilities are the Pfrimmer Institute of Indiana (765-724-7745) and the 

TC Pfrimmer International Association of Deep Muscle Therapists (contact information on this site at "contact us").  All certifications through Pennsylvania Institute prior to May 1, 2010 will be honored, however , if that graduate wishes to renew their certification and be honored by the TCPIADMT, it must be done through the TCPIADMT or Indiana Institute.  The TCPIADMT is honoring only Therese C. Pfrimmer's pure work.  Please remember that certifications expire after the 5th year at which time they must be renewed with the TCPIADMT or Indiana Institute in order to sustain validity.

T.C.P.I.A.D.M.T. Re-Certification Requirements

1.  The applicant has been a member of the TCPIADMT for the preceding 5 year period.

2.  The applicant has attended at least five (5) out of (10) reviews offered in the five (5) year period and provide proof of attendance before re-certification is granted.

3.  The renewal fee of $100 is to be paid prior to expiration of certification date.