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Therese C. Pfrimmer 


Association of

Deep Muscle Therapists

T Barry Gillespie, DMD, MSD, TMJ Specialist

"Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® is an invaluable adjunct to my work with TMJ patients.  Basically the jaw, head and neck are coordinated through the myofascial tissues.  Soft tissue balance and release has to be complete for maximum TMJ benefit"

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Seldon Nelson, Pharm D.  D.O., Instructor Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine

"There is a definite area of medical neglect today involving soft tissue therapy.  Muscle therapists generally do much to fill this present need.  I have been particularly impressed with the Pfrimmer Therapists I have observed."

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Eugene B. Spitz, M.D., World renowned neurosurgeon, Inventor of the 

shunt for hydrocephalics

"Over the years we have referred a large number of children with organic neuromuscular problems for the Pfrimmer technique of deep muscle therapy and have found it to be of significant value frequently as an adjunct to the sensorimotor stimulation program."

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John Unruh, PHD; Clinical Director, Center for Neurological Rehabilitation

"We have developed into one of the largest centers for out-patient treatment of brain injury in the world with offices in nine countries.  We maintain an extremely sophisticated diagnostic and research facility which keeps us on top of various new methods, programs and techniques which can be of some possible benefit to our patients.  Our research has shown the Pfrimmer method of deep muscle therapy to be of significant value to a number of our patients, and we have been increasingly inclined to refer patients to Pfrimmer therapists throughout the world."

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Carl Weisse, D.C.; Instructor, PA College of Straight Chiropractic and Community College of Philadelphia

"Doctors who are familiar with the value of massage view Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapists as "specialists" in the field of muscle therapy."

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Patricia Yeoman,M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

"I have seen many patients benefited by Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® while I was serving as staff physician at the Deep Muscle Therapy Center in suburban Philadelphia.  I have also received help personally for my own condition of inflammatory and painful soft tissue.  There is great value to the medical community to include this work in the treatment plan for many serious conditions."

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