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Therese C. Pfrimmer 


Association of

Deep Muscle Therapists


For Pfrimmer Class dates see Pfrimmer News and Updates on this website.

EXCITING NEWS - Pfrimmer Classes & Pfrimmer Certification!

Ruthann Hobbs owns the Indiana Pfrimmer Institute and is offering classes.  Contact her at 765-724-7745 or [email protected] for her class dates.

We are so excited to announce that the Therese C. Pfrimmer International Association of Deep Muscle Therapists is also offering Basic Pfrimmer Classes as developed by Therese C. Pfrimmer and as taught by Ruthann Hobbs. The Pfrimmer Association chose Jackie Himelick as their lead instructor.  Jackie taught Pfrimmer under Ruthann Hobbs for 17 years.  The Pfrimmer class is 80 hours of CEUs with a cost of $2500.   

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® was developed by Therese C. Pfrimmer after her laundry work caused her to become a paraplegic. She massaged her way out of the wheelchair to the dismay of her doctor .  She was then on a quest to find out how the type of massage she used worked. She developed Pfrimmer® over the time of her research and development of the technique. Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Technique® is a comprehensive method of body work that incorporates the whole body and helps troubled muscle tissue to become rich with blood and lymph fluids to encourage the body to heal itself in a natural manner.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® is designed to cause positive changes to the damaged or adherent muscles and the adjacent soft tissues. The improved circulation that results causes changes on the cellular level, not only to the muscle involved, but also to any soft tissue that may have been affected by the impaired circulation. Where muscles have become adherent, Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® brings blood and lymphatic fluid toward the muscle cell.

Pfrimmer® is a detailed art and is an excellent choice for those therapists that want to take their businesses to a whole new level of helping people to feel well and pain free.

We are also offering Advanced Pfrimmer.  This class is designed to advance Therese C. Pfrimmer’s own work in a more specific manner and to be able to use Therese C. Pfrimmer’s techniques to advance the Basic Pfrimmer technique to a more cutting-edge method. These techniques will benefit the client’s specific needs in a more precise manner. The use of the twelve additional tools presented in the class can also help the therapist experience a long and healthy Pfrimmer therapy life to reduce the risk of therapist injury or over-use syndrome. The presentation of eight different common ailments will be addressed to use with the troubleshooting techniques. Those eight common ailments will allow the Pfrimmer therapist to transfer the techniques to all other body parts and apply to other common conditions. 

The Advanced Pfrimmer class is a 16 hour $495 class featuring 12 tools and working with 8 conditions.  Jackie Himelick is also the instructor of this Advanced Pfrimmer class.  

If you think your area may be interested in sponsoring a class  or you are interested in Basic Pfrimmer or Advanced Pfrimmer, please contact us through the website to request more information or through the info request below.  Or, you may contact us through the "contact us" section of this website or the form below.

Pfrimmer graduates are also being accepted for  Pfrimmer certification.   Stepping forward with Certification moves your career to a new level of professionalism, knowledge and proficiency.   Two of the prerequisites for Pfrimmer Certification is the 80 hour Basic Pfrimmer class as well as the Advanced Pfrimmer class.  Contact us for more information:  

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Pfrimmer Classes & Certification

16 Hour Advanced Class

16 Hour Advanced Class