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Therese C. Pfrimmer 


Association of

Deep Muscle Therapists

Ruthann Hobbs

Master Pfrimmer Instructor

Ruthann Hobbs & Her Instruction to Teach Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy

Prior to Therese C. Pfrimmer's death and upon her establishing the Therese C. Pfrimmer International Association of Deep Muscle Therapists (TCPIADMT), she asked Mary Kish to be President of her Association and Ruthann Hobbs to be First Vice President.  As Therese trusted Ruthann to work on her many times during Ruthann's Pfrimmer Deep Muscle training, Therese also trusted Ruthann to develop the By-Laws for the TCPIADMT and to be a part of the first Board of Directors.  Ruthann overheard Therese saying that she wanted her therapy done correctly.  Mary Kish taught Therese's work according to Therese's wishes as proven by the original charts that are in Ruthann Hobb's possession.  Mary Kish has stated in her letter of April 21, 2009 that Therese did not want her Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy altered in any way.

In different circumstances, Ruthann fought hard to NOT CHANGE Therese's work.  Now finally, Ruthann Hobbs is able to teach Therese's work without fear of any breach.  The current Board of Directors is adamant about keeping Therese's work pure and untainted and has asked Ruthann Hobbs to teach Therese's original work.

Having stated the wishes of the current Board of Directors, we acknowledge that Ruthann Hobbs was taught directly by Therese C. Pfrimmer as proven by graduations certificates, pictures and verbal conversations. The current Board of Directors acknowledge that changing the Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Technique® would be against Therese C. Pfrimmer's dying wishes and against the way Mary Kish taught Theres's technique as stated in Mary Kish's letter dated April 21, 2009. The current Board of Directors also acknowledges that results will be altered if Therese C. Pfrimmer's technique is misrepresented in any way. As a Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapist and as a member of the current Board of Directors of the Therese C. Pfrimmer International Association of Deep Muscle Therapists, we will stand for and keep the wishes of the originator, Therese C. Pfrimmer and her assistant Mary Kish.

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As you look at the pictures above of the "Last Class Conducted in October 1979 by Mrs. Therese C. Pfrimmer", Ruthann Hobbs is standing in the front row Therese on her left. We have heard many stories about that class from Ruthann who brings Therese C. Pfrimmer alive to all her students. We appreciated hearing the history of Therese since we are unable to know her personally. We were privileged to meet and talk to Therese's daughter, Rosemary Kosman at the TCPIADMT's convention in 2001. What a delight her daughter brought to the attendees. Rosemary has since passed away also and those that knew Therese are fewer and fewer.

We thank Ruthann Hobbs for her diligence in keeping the technique pure and being the last active Master Pfrimmer Instructor who is actively teaching Therese Pfrimmer's pure technique. We also thank Ruthann for dedicating her life to instruct Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy®.