Pfrimmer Therapy

therese c. pfrimmer

Following the aforementioned paralysis in 1946, she developed her unique massage technique and, using it on herself, reversed her own paralysis. This encouraged her to become trained in massage therapy and she entered the Chicago School of Massage Therapy under Dr. Esther Swanson in 1948. She completed her course with Dr. Swanson and took a course in physiotherapy in Chicago, as well.

Returning to Goderich Ontario Canada as a Registered Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist, she was now qualified to work on Clients and gain the respect of the local medical professionals.

She continued researching and proving the effectiveness of her technique for the remaining 34 years of her life, with the encouragement of many medical professionals in her area. They gave her permission to work on patients in three different hospitals and she was able to prove the effectiveness of her technique to patients and doctors, as well. In 1949, she uncovered the secret of her success and understood her amazing results. She now, for the first time, accepted payment for her work.

With the encouragement of a friend, who happened to be a medical doctor, in 1970, she wrote her book…”Muscles Your Invisible Bonds.” She wrote the entire book in 24 hours, had it edited and sent it to the publisher. In 1971 she opened her Pfrimmer Technique Deep Muscle Therapy School and taught her first class.

During the last nine years of her life, she trained others in this wonderful technique. Before her death, on March 11, 1980, she was able to train 73 Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapists. She was also actively involved in setting up the International Association on January 6th 1980 and designated those who would be entrusted with the “labor of love” of carrying on her mission.

She, herself, developed the guidelines concerning who, how, when & where qualified people would be trained in this technique. These guidelines are still observed by the current International Board and the Institute involved in the training of professional Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapists.