How Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® Helps The Body:

This is just a partial list of ways that Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® has been shown to be effective to overall health:

Muscular system:

Corrects damaged muscles and separates adherent fibers.
Allows nutrients and medicines to reach the cellular area and waste to be removed.
Softens hard, fibrous muscles and relieves pain.

Skeletal system:

Clears deposits and debris from old bone injuries.
Restores damaged ligaments and tendons at bone attachments.
Improves joint range of motion.
Enhances effectiveness of chiropractic & osteopathic treatments.
Allows for improved posture and stronger stance.

Nervous system:

Releases entrapment of nerves in soft tissue.
Reduces inflammation & congestion along nerve pathway. (neuritis, radiculitis, neuralgia, etc.)
Relieves neuromuscular conditions.
Improves conditions resulting from brain injury.

Integumentary system:

Improves circulation to the skin, thus moisturizing dry, scaly skin & improving tone.
Reduces bed sores, acne & other skin eruptions.
Excellent for geriatric skin problems.
Regular treatment can improve the appearance of cellulite.

Endocrine System:

Opens up dry muscle cells so endocrine hormones can reach their end site through improved circulation.

Cardiovascular System:

Contributes to the improvement of sclerotic blood vessels.
Relieves congestion in chest for congestive heart patients.
Improves general health so that heart patient can maintain self through exercise.

Lymphatic System:

Releases entrapment of lymphatic vessels.
“Drains” sluggish nodes.
Improves integrity of lymphatic vessel walls.

Respiratory System:

Releases restriction in the muscles that aid in breathing.
Promotes postural improvement thereby reducing “crowding” of the lungs.
Removes old congestion in the lung or rib area.

Digestive System:

Improves tone in muscular walls for peristalsis.
Clears adherent factors between organs (intestines can get “stuck together,” as can stomach & pancreas.)
Moves out inflammation, congestion & old fecal matter from the tract.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy Has Been Demonstrated To Have An Indirect Effect On:

Urinary System:

Relieves spasms and restriction of the Psoas muscle adjacent to the kidneys.
Releases restriction from bladder area in pelvic floor.

Reproductive System:

Clears congestion in pelvic floor area.
Tones & balances muscles during and after pregnancy.
Helps regulate menses through improved general health.